Wednesday, 20 March 2019


To start our new Science Topic SOUND, we had a completely silent lesson, it was bliss!

The children learnt to use their other senses to follow the lesson.We then went around different areas of the school and the children noted down all the sounds they could hear. They had to be silent and listen very carefully. They tried to describe the sounds too.

We have been learning all about Sound.
So far we've looked at how sound travels, pitch and volume and changing sounds.
Have a go at these really cool, noisy games to test your learning:

European Country Project

Congratulations to all the children on completing their wonderful projects!!! Every single one of you should be EXTREMELY proud of your effort, hard work and organisation, what an amazing achievement!

They are so informative, interesting and inspiring, and make me feel like I want to visit every single one of these marvellous countries! We are enjoying sharing them with the rest of the class and are all learning lots about different countries. Thank you so much to the parents and other helpers for all of your help!


Keep practising on the times tables rock stars website. Just like all rockstars, you need to practise if you want to get really, really good at something.  You need to be accurate AND quick.
You all have your logins and usernames so get in as much practice as possible!!!

Click on the link :

Coordinates games

Here are some fun coordinates games:

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Poema del Mar Aquarium

Yesterday, we enjoyed a fantastic morning out. We learnt a lot from our expert guide about the species, habitats and characteristics of the creatures, as well as learning about the wonderful conservation programme. All of the children were enthusiastic and interested, they enjoyed taking part in an educational workshop.I hope they have told you some of the new facts they have learnt. Enjoy the photos!