Sunday, 30 June 2019

Summer Holiday Optional Revision

A few parents have asked for some work to do in the holidays in different areas.
Please be aware that this OPTIONAL holiday work will not be marked in September, it is for personal use at home. 
Please ensure you can spell all of the Year3/4 words before you start Year 5.
Also keep on going with ttrocks!
Keep up the reading too!

Some parents have asked for suitable books to use over the summer holidays. These can be bought from Amazon and are suitable for children who need some revision of Year 4 objectives. This one has a bit of everything- spelling, grammar and punctuation, reading comprehension, writing practise, vocabulary.

I like this one for Maths too:

Happy Summer Holidays!

Dear Parents,
I would like to thank you for all of your support over the year. The children have worked very hard and come a long way this year both academically and as lovely poeple too. We have also had many of fun times as well as lots of personal growth. I wish the children all the best for Year 5 and know that they are fully prepared for the challenges and experiences they will face. Thank you for my gifts, they are very much appreciated. 
Enjoy the summer holidays!

Beach Fun Day

Día de Canarias!

Better late than never! This was a fun day, enjoy the photos!